Discover/Recover Your Creativity


Kickstart your Creativity course outline

 This course is aimed at anyone who wants to explore their creativity, feels blocked, uninspired or wants to get excited, motivated, and discover a sense of playfulness.  We will look at the nuts and bolts of creativity, ways to stimulate it, environments which support and block it; how to nurture our inventive and resourceful selves to manage the ruts and bumps, and ways to cultivate the creative habit.

 By the end of this course:

  • You will learn ways to inspire and energise your thinking
  • Recognise what helps and hinders your creativity
  • Learn ways to keep yourself motivated and going
  • Feel clearer and more confident about your creative abilities

 Session One 

What is creativity? We look at models of practice and what they teach us about the process.  We focus on what it means to you: the benefits of approaching life creatively, ways to get the juices flowing and develop your creative confidence. We introduce your creative tool-kit.

Session Two 

Exploring ways to stimulate our thinking; focussing on identity, opportunities & play.

Session Three (NWS)

Creative environments – creating safety– recognising blocks to creativity, both internal and external: how to identify and manage them and nurture ourselves.

Session Four (NWS)

Growing our practice; we look at the creative cycle, how to work with ruts and blocks, how to stay on task and develop the creative habit.

Session Five (NWS)

Make your own creative manifesto, working with your sense of agency/power, creative planning to help you set and meet projects/goals

Materials – pens and notepad (during the course you may like to get yourself pens/crayons/charcoal/chalk/ink/glue/scissors/pencils, sketch pad which we will discuss in the first session.)

For more info call Chris on 07738 763 161, email: To book go to:



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