Curation & Learning – Women’s Pop Up Museum Project

This summer I worked on a short Heritage Lottery Fund project to create a Women’s Pop-Up Museum in Hastings.        

This link takes you to a short film about the project.

The project explored ways women’s lives are represented historically using local museum collections, and encouraged women to consider objects from their own homes as museum exhibits. We wanted to investigate how our sense of identity, family and community contribute to our ideas about heritage.

By using these artefacts to tell stories the women learned about their own past, and about each other; the similarities and differences in their stories. History (Herstory) became a living process owned by the participants rather than something remote and organised for them.

Throughout history there has always been a rich relationship between art and museums as a way of understanding the world, interpreting and representing it. We invited women to tell their stories using tile-making, textiles and creative writing.

This short film is about women’s stories, but it is also a reminder that when you give people the opportunity to use their own creativity, they become empowered and inspired, which is something that a lot of adult education seems to have forgotten.

The women in the project continue to meet to develop it. They have set up a blog at https://womenspopupmuseum.


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